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Need to find passed receipts

New Member

I have bought some tickets thru my phone and app

need receipts to get reimbursed where

can I found those?



Traveller (platinum)

Hello @aceria1

Thank you for your query.

You can print out the ticket by registering yourself on our ticketshop from a computer:

Once you are logged in, you can go on your account and click on "orders". From there you will be able to print out the tickets.

I hope I could help you out.











Is there a way to take a copy of the receipt of the monthly travel card which I renewed from a machine?

Traveller (platinum)

Hello @Raj1 

You will not receive a copy of the purchase confirmation at the ticket machine. If you have renewed your subscription online, you can download the purchase confirmation under your orders at

I wish you a nice day.



Has this changed? I am logged into my Swisspass and am able to see invoices, but not orders.
Traveller (platinum)

Hey @westjensontexas 

If you would like to have a receipt from your online purchased tickets you can do this as follows: Log on to with your SwissPass login. At the top right under your initials you have a section "Orders". Here you can enter the desired date and you will receive a receipt for your desired period.

I wish you a nice day.

Greetings LauraV

Wow - this is really complicated for something that simple- in my public transport App in Hamburg I can get a proper tax receipt printed with in one click- isn’t there an easier way?

Switzerland is not really technological.  They cant make a single app in a clear manner. Unbeliavable.  No public wifi in trains or stations... pfff  total crap

Hi @Iris123 

If you bought a ticket for a trip within Switzerland you can also print out your ticket from the confirmation e-mail that you received after the purchase.

Kind regards.



Has this changed? I am logged into my Swisspass and am able to see invoices, but not orders.

I also need copies of past receipts.

Kind regards

Commuter (silver)

Hi @Caz46 

If you have purchased tickets on, you'll find your orders by logging-in on under "My account" and "My orders".

If you need a purchase confirmation of a travelcard, please contact us by using the following form:

Kind regards