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Lost device in a train

New Member

Hello, I lost my iPhone on the train in Geneva Cornavin (direction from Geneva Airport to Brig) on Friday 13 May, leaving at 22:11 from Geneva Cornavin to Brig. The phone was last seen in Brig at 00:32 on 14th of May in a train no.: IR 90 1839. I also filled out the form for the lost devices (ref No. Kxxxx/xxxxxx). I think the phone slipped between the seats and even if the security/cleaning guys have checked the wagon, it is not accessible to be easily found.   We were sitting in the 2nd floor, 2nd class, behind a glass divider and close to the stairs.

I already asked the information desk in Geneva If We can call the conductor that was on the train, But they told me I need to fill out the loss report form, Nobody informed me that I can request an express search for 50 CHF (and I was talking to 2 people from SBB!). When i finally found out by myself, that such a service is available I called the contact centre and told them in which train the phone is and they refused to help me because I didnt call 30 mins earlier ( I would call If I knew about the service and If there was an english speaker). So I asked when will this exact train leave the Brig station so I can call again and inform them earlier, the guy wasnt able to tell me or did not understand my question.
Whichever the case, I would appreciate your help with locating the phone. 
Best Regards,

Hi @TerTom 

I have already answered your request via Facebook. For security reasons (SPAMS), I have hidden your reference number of your notice of loss.

Thank you for your understanding and have a nice weekend.