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Lost a MacBook Pro laptop

New Author

I lost my MacBook Pro laptop on 4th June. I put in shelf upon seats, on the second 2 class, train number 1927, from geneve station platform 6. The train time is 16:30 which delay 12 minutes on 4th June. If you find any similar items please contact me immediately, because I’m a traveler, it is a 13.3inch apple MacBook Pro laptop cover by a grey leather bag. Have anyone can contact the station office staff?

My email address is

My phone number is +44 0756894889

That is my laptop looks likeThat is my laptop looks like


This is my laptop bag looks likeThis is my laptop bag looks like


New Author

My laptop is important for me, a lot of valuable memory and my dissertation report   inside, and I have set a password for it, Please if anyone found it, please don’t keep it, Please. 

I just a normal student, I truly hope I can found it back. My father bought it four years old. It is a sliver and a litter grey color.


Traveller (platinum)

Hallo @956286509by

This is not the right channel to get help if you miss something on the train. For the next time I suggest you to call our Rail Service 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min).

I recommend you to complete a lost property report under

We will inform you as soon as possible. In any case, you will receive a search report either per SMS, e-mail or letter within the next days. So please, have bit of patience. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope you will get your laptop back.

Wishing you a pleasant journey. 


I once forgot my backpack in the train and thanks to completing a lost property report under domyessay it was returned to me within one week! Everything was in its place and I got happy there are honest, responsible people who brought it to lost and found dep.