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I have Mobilis Annual Season Ticket but app asks me to buy a ticket inside the zone (+errors)

New Author

I have a half-fare travelcard and Mobilis Annual Season Ticket, and I added those to my mobile app. 

When I test it to buy a ticket inside the zone (e.g. Lausanne Gare to Renens Gare), which should be already covered by the ticket I have, my app still suggests me buying an individual ticket (Grand Lausanne) Jaejun Yoo(1/2) CHF 2.40.

Strangely, when I test it for the trip from Lausanne Gare to Morges, it has Mobilis Extension Ticket that is CHF 4.60, which is correct and cheaper than Mobilis Individual Ticket CHF 6.50. 

I am confused about this.

Q1] Is this normal?

Q2] In the first case (Grand Lausanne), if I buy the ticket (even though I do not have to), would this be refunded?


In addition, I and my wife are consistently seeing that the mobile app sometimes fails to apply the correct discount; e.g., half-fare is not applied even though we both have it. When it happens, I and she have to reinstall the app and then it shows the correctly discounted fee based on the travelcard we have.  

It is very uncomfortable since we cannot believe in the suggested cost from the app so that we always have to double check if it is charging us correctly. To do so, we always go to the web (if the situation allows) and check the original cost to calculate the correct cost we are to pay (e.g., half fare and annual ticket). 


Commuter (silver)

Hi @jaejunyoo 

It would be quite a challenge to provide a remote diagnosis. Please contact our online support directly and provide the following information:

Contact SBB Mobile:

Thanks for your effort!

Kind regards