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I booked 2 tickets by my name both.

New Author

Hi, this is SUNGGYUN CHA.

I booked two tickets from Zurich Flughafen to Luzern by supersaver ticket.

But I booked 2 tickets by my name both. I wanted to book tickets as below.

Ticket 1 : SUNGGYUN CHA(me)


Is it OK? if I book 2 tickets by one name?

Please answer this for me.

Commuter (silver)


I recommend you to fill in the refund request form.

Please find more information here:

Kind regards

Traveller (bronze)

This is not a proper reply.

The person booked two tickets under their name and asked if the tickets could still be used,  yes or no. 

Why can’t you just answer that ?

Hallo @Hilbo 

The personal details on the Online/Mobile Ticket must correspond with the particulars of the travelling person. If another person is travelling a new ticket is needed.

Kind regards.



Traveller (bronze)

Hallo, thank you for your fast reply. Now, why not ? When buying at a machine no name is required, so why must one enter a name with the app?

I do have an issue here with the privacy of my visitors, with whom I travel by train. 

Thanks for showing me the legislation that justifies this. 

Best wishes,

Hallo @Hilbo 

Tickets bought online or with the app are personal and are not transferable. For this reason, the traveller must enter his first name, surname and date of birth for each ticket. The passenger must present a valid form of personal ID (passport, ID card) during ticket inspection.

You will find more information about e-tickets on the following link:

I wish you a nice day.



Is it possible to cancel for free? even though supersaver ticket?


Please fill in the refund request form and then you will get an answer.

Kind regards.