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How to change the language setting?

New Author
I am having a hard time with SBB mobile, because I don't understand neither Franch or Deutch. So I want to change the language setting into English. Could you tell me how?
New Author

My SBB app updated and now it is in Italian. Nothing on my phone is in Italian. I prefer English, french and German to Italian!!! How to change?? Why???


Hi @JiNi

Thank you for your request.

The language of the app automatically adapts to the language of the device (German, French, Italian, English).

If the device is set to a different language, English is displayed by default (for new installations). If the device is switched to a different language after the app installation, the app remains set to the last displayed language. That’s why I recommend you to select English language first and then switch to your preferred language (English will be displayed in the app then).

For any other questions about the mobile app, please contact the Ticketshop (

Best regards


You got to be kidding. Are you telling us that there is no way to change the language within the app? That's ridiculous.

I want my device in English, but the SBB app in German.

Everything on the SBB app appears is English for me, however email communications I receive from SBB are all in German. Please advise how can I change my email language preference to English. Thanks.

This is also happened to me. In the pdf files, all in German.

When I checked in website, there is a Correspondence field but no English


Traveller (platinum)

Hello @mondo 

Thank you for your request.

Currently, correspondence exists only in French, German and Italian.

I wish you a nice day.

Regards, JulieL

So we still can't manually change the language I like my system in english and certain apps (like SBB) in german. Tried installing while device was in german, then switching device to english. App switched immediately. to english as well.

I have the same problem as kelmai. It would be very convenient to have apps like SBB in local language independent of your system language.


Please add language choice to the Settings.

Hello @Ksenia.


Thank you very much for your message. I will forward your suggestion to the appropriate department.

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards,