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How to Add Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

New Author

I just purchased a Swiss Travel Pass Flex (4-day) at the website and also activated my 4 days at

But how do I integrate this pass into the SBB mobile app??

I see options for SwissPass but I don’t see any option to enter my reference no. for my Flex pass.  Yes, I am logged-in to the SBB app.



because I purchased my Swiss travel pass as a guest, I cannot use it to book ahead train travel or make any reservations? Am I supposed to show the paper copy at the rail stations? 

Hello @serafina9 

If you have the Swiss Travel Pass Flex, you can take any train as marked on the validity area without making a reservation.
Caution: On the Panorama trains, you need a seat reservation. This can be obtained in advance online (and via the Contact Centre or counter).

You don't need to show your Swiss Travel Pass when buying a seat, only during the journey. More information you get here.

Have a nice day. Kind regards, ZoeS

Traveller (platinum)

Hello @Stretchy54 

You can see the Swiss Travel Pass under the tile "Tickets & SwissPass". It is important that you have made the purchase with the SwissPass login. If you have purchased as a guest, the Swiss Travel Pass will not be visible on the mobile app.

Greetings, SandrineS

I did as you said. I purchased the Swiss Travel Pass Flex with my SwissPass login. But the Flex pass is still not visible within the SBB app. Is there any way SBB can do this integration for me when I arrive in Switzerland?

Pendler/in (Bronze)

Hello @Stretchy54 

The entire Swiss Travel System ticket range - and therefore also the Swiss Travel Pass Flex - is available as an e-ticket. When you purchase a Flex Pass, you will receive a receipt and detailed instructions on how to activate the individual travel days.

Just like the physical pass, you can freely choose the travel days (3, 4, 8 and 15 days) within a month. To do this, you activate one travel day at a time before you travel on

In this case, integration in the mobile app is not possible - sorry for the misinformation.

For more information, call the SBB Contact Center on +41 848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.).

Greetings, VlaznimA.

so if my travel agent purchased our Swiss Travel Pass for us, can I not add it to the SBB app?  I have activated the pass for travel beginning March 18.  the site will not accept my US postal code.