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Half fare tickets

New Member
Hello, I have installed on my smartphone the app and my half-fare card is registered and appears there, but when I try to buy tickets, only full fare prices appear, no option for half-fare. Any ideas why this is happening and how to resolve this issue?
New Member

I have the same problem. Very frustrating! I already paid several time full fare because i was not aware the price was not discounted. On the webiste everything works fine.


Hi Katia and raluxandra

You can easily change the reduction during the order process and save the settings. Please find the instructions enclosed.

Kind regards



New Author

I don't have a half travel card, but I paid for saver day pass (11 - september) for 26CHF without knowing my information was set at 1/2(half travel card). I can't get a refund. If I buy this again, it's 52CHF which is same price without a half travel card. Is there any problem?

Hi @piszone

You can actually purchase a Saver Day Pass without reduction. 

Please fill in the refund form:

We will then cancel the wrong ticket and refund it with a fee of CHF 10.00.

Kind regards