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Error during ticket inspection

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I switched on EasyRide for a bus ride to the train station. At the train station there were ticket inspectors that went on the train with me. They asked for my ticket and i got my phone out. Yet when i showed them the QR code, they said that the ride had been switched on just now rather than when i took the bus about 10 minutes ago and i received a fine.

I had notifications about an ER-9084 before said incident. Is this a similar or maybe even the same issue that caused this?

Can somebody help me?


Hello @Anonymous 

I recommend that you contact our Easy-Ride specialists. You can contact them via the contact form in the SBB Mobile App.
If you have any objections to the fine, you can contact the Service Centre on +41 848 00 11 33. They are available from Monday to Friday from 8.00 - 17.00.

Have a good day. Kind regards ZoeS

Commuter (gold)

Hi @Anonymous 

Is it possible that you have activated the energy saving mode with your smart phone? This may cause locating problems. Also, the SBB Mobile app ALWAYS needs access to the Location Services, not when SBB Mobile is in use.

On this platform, we cannot do much for you. Please, contact the EasyRide support as only they can track down your journey history:

You may find more information about the use of EasyRide here: Help with EasyRide | SBB help & contact

Best regards,

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