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Error code TIF-3018 Payment method not found

New Author

Hi all,

The second part of my journey is billed directly to my company each occurrence. I have setup the corporate payment details in the past (2 years ago, and checked they are still correct). Until last week it worked without issue and now I am receiving the error code TIF-3018 Payment method not found. However if I try to buy a ticket for a longer time in the future it seems to work fine. But buying a ticket just before I board the train (which is what I need) it fails and I have to change the payment to a personal credit card. 

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Hello @Zane0081 

For detailed information about the business account, please contact our businesstravel service center SBB Business Customers | SBB Business Customer

I wish you an excellent weekend.

Kind regards, RahelW

New Author

Thanks for the help, does removing the payment method with the trash can option apply to Business Accounts payment by invoice? I could not see a payment method to remove in the app under the Business account

Thanks again 

Traveller (gold)

Hello @Zane0081 

Thank you for your inquiry.

I recommend that you delete the payment title in the app (trash can icon) and re-enter it.

If this does not work, uninstall the app, download it again and delete the app data if necessary.

You can find the contact form in the SBB Mobile app under Profile - Feedback/Contact form.

Further information here: Store a payment method – in the app and on | SBB help & contact

Kind regards,