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Cannot delete trip on app

New Author

On the SBB app I have three trips in the last that I cannot delete from my upcoming trips section it is highly annoying is there a way to resolve this?


Hi @Lockey 

Thank you for your request. 

Past tickets will be automatically deleted after seven days. It is not possible to have those tickets deleted manually.


The problem is not tickets I have purchased. They are routes I have saved to the planner in the past. They would normally expire or if they are repeating you have to delete them manually. During this process the trips do not delete and they remain on the planner and cannot be deleted. 

Hi @Lockey 

Thank you for your answer.

The saved routes can be deleted manually, we have just tested this, no problems have occurred.

I recommend that you check if the last update was done (SBB iOS - version 9.5.0 / SBB Android - version 9.5.1). Then please send an e-mail to our specialists (

Best regards

It would be nice to add this feature. I created a trip and then my plans changed to a later trip. I have both trips now and it adds to the chance I make a mistake. 

Traveller (silver)

Hi @Delsman 

The trip can be deleted by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of your trip and deleting the trip there. If it doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the SBB Mobile App. If this still does not work, please contact our specialists at

Have a nice day.


I have the same problem with a trip that cannot be deleted in the SBB app. The trip doesn't disappear from 'Trip and Tickets' and 'delete this trip' doesn't work. The concerned trip is now 4 weeks in the past and always shows up first, which is slightly annoying as I cannot see my current trip at first sight.