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Cancel and refund due to corona virus

New Author

Good morning team Swiss train I received an email from Trainline with an updated travel refund policy which I saw includes within UK as well as Europe. I have booked the travel tickets from Trainline website for 3 persons including myself on following dates and place. 1) From Paris to Zurich (13th March 2020) 2) From Zurich to Lucerne (13th March 2020) 3) From Lucerne to Engelberg (14th March 2020) 4) From Engelberg to Geneva (14th March 2020). I am Ashok Regmi, a temporary resident of UK and remaining 2 travelers are the USA citizens (my brother and his wife) named as follows. Ashok Regmi Anish Regmi Stacy Regmi. Due to the Corona virus outbreak and situation raised, there has been a travel ban to Europe imposed by USA . In order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances due to corona virus outbreak my brother and his wife (USA citizen) would have to fly back to USA canceling all the trips of France and Switzerland we had planned. Therefore we all 3 have to cancel our plan of traveling from Paris to Geneva. 

My brother had booked the ticket for all 3 of us from Geneva to Paris for 15th of March 2020 which he already is in process to get refund from Trainline.

Also upon my last request to Trainline, i got into the process for refund (from Paris to Zurich) and Zuric to Lucerne only. But because of super saver tickets Trainline were not into the position to refund me. But with this new policy hopefully you can help me doing the refunds with the rest of the travel as well which means Lucerne to Engelberg and Engelberg to Geneva.


I kindly here would like to request your esteemed company to consider the situation and refund me the amount cancelling all the mentioned trips of Switzerland.

New Member
Commuter (silver)

Hi @Ashok1 

We are refunding all tickets based on the current Corona situations as a gesture of goodwill until April 30th without fees.

We cannot cancel your order because it was not purchased via the SBB Web Services. To request a refund, please contact your sales partner Trainline directly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards