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Buying ticket from an app when having ZVV annual pass

New Author


I have ZVV annual pass and would like to buy a return ticket from Wallisellen to Einsideln.

when entering this connection in the app the only option for purchase is the full ticket for all the zones for 24.40 CHF. However my pass is covering all the zones in Kanton ZH and I need ticket only for 181-680.


Hello @KasiaM 

Thank you for your question. 

It depends on many zones of ZVV you already have included in your travelcard and also which connection are you taking. 

If you have a ZVV only travelcard, but you want to travel in a Z-Pass region (this means ZVV+Ostwind / ZVV+Schwyz Zug / ZVV+A-Welle), you need a Z-Pass ticket. It means the ticket has to start in the ZVV region and end in the Schwyz/Zug region.

In your case, you buy a ticket from the last train stop in your last ZVV zone to your final destination in the Schwyz/Zug zone.

Specifically, if your ZVV travelcard is valid up to zone 152, you buy a ticket from Wädenswil to Einsiedeln, for a total of 5 zones (152, 153, 181, 679, 680).

For any other question please call pur colleagues at the SBB Contact Center (0848 44 66 88, CHF0.08/min): they will be able to give you a personalized answer, based on you travelcard and your chosen connection. 

I wish you a good day and a happy New Year. 



Hi Eleonora,

I was wondering if, with the EasyRide in the app, my travel cards (ZVV BonusPass and Half-fare pass) will be applied automatically. So, while I am being in the Zurich area I am not charged, and as soon as I leave Zurich area then I am charged based on the half-fare pass. Is this the case? Or I still need to check myself when is the last station in Zurich area and do the process you explained?

Thank you very much for your help!



Hello @dbCohen 

As long as you are logged in with your SwissPass account, linked to your costumer number,  the subscriptions will be taken into account in the price calculation. 

I wish you an excellent weekend. Regards RahelW