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Add Half Fare Card to SBB Mobile App

New Author

Hello!  I purchased a Half Fare Card for our upcoming holiday to Switzerland.  I did not buy it through or the SBB Mobile App.

I have the printout, but I want to add it to my SBB Mobile profile.  I was able to do this last year, but I cannot remember how to do it now.  

Can someone help?

Thank you!

New Member

Actually I see my name now and then ( 1/2) in the Point to point ticket section.  I guess that IS the discounted price, correct?

Hello @tpaul2 

Correct, if you see (1/2) next to your name, it means that you have successfully deposited the discount and the tickets will be offered to you at the reduced price.

I wish you an awesome time in Switzerland.

Regards RahelW


Hello @Scott 

Have you bought a yearly Half Fare Card or only for one month?

If you have bought the yearly Half Fare Card you can log in in the app and then you can go to "Settings". Under "My Swisspass" you can add the Half Fare Card in the app. If you have bought the monthly Half Fare Card you can not add it on the app.

I wish you a nice day. 

Kind regards, 


Thank you for your response.  Yes, it is a one-month Half Fare Card.  The strange thing is that when my family visited Switzerland last summer, both my wife's and my own one-month Half Fare Cards were in the SBB Mobile app (along with the Family Pass).  It made presenting our tickets much easier, and I was hoping to do that again.

Hello @Scott 

Sorry, my answer was not correct. If you have bought the Swiss Half Fare Card with Login, you can show the Swiss Half Fare Card also in the application. Proceed as follows:

- log in with your Swisspass-Login in the SBB Mobile App

- click on "Trips and tickets"

There you should see the Swiss Half Fare Cards. 

If it does not work, pleas contact directly our Online Support:

I wish you a nice day. 

Kind regards,



If you have bought the Swiss Half Fare Card with Login” 

I do not understand what that means, can you explain please? Do you mean the SBB app? or a website? As I would like to know how this it is possible to purchase a one month half fare card and have on the SBB app…



“There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers”

Okay, do you mean purchase the Swiss Half Fare card (one month) on the website whilst logged in to your account? And this will then be visible on the SBB Mobile app following the steps you mentioned?


“There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers”

Hello @potato-swiss 

Right. If you make the purchase "as a guest", this is not visible in the app. If you are logged in on the homepage and make a purchase with the login, this will be visible in the app.

If you have any further questions, we are here for you.

Have a great Sunday.
Kind regards, ZoeS

I see my SHFC on the app that I added on  However, when I go to actually purchase a ticket, when does the discount get applied? I don't see it.  I thought it would be automatic?