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Taking the train can be reasonably priced, especially when travelling for leisure

Traveller (platinum)


Customers are really pleased with SBB. However, visitors to this platform gave the fewest stars for ticket and travelcard prices. The costs of running trains actually increase by a little each year. There are two reasons for this: firstly, the government increases track usage charges and secondly, the service is being continually developed and more and more rolling stock is introduced, which, of course, is not free. So that the rising prices stay realistic for customers, the price supervisor investigates them closely.

SBB also works hard to ensure that rail travel continues to stay attractive and affordable: for some years now, supersaver tickets have been available on certain routes and at selected times. The low-priced 1-day travelpass Plus offer is currently running for small groups. Martin Rechsteiner, SBB Service Scout, put the 1-day travelpass Plus to the test with his family.

Auf nach Nyon mit der Tageskarte Plus

— Martin Rechsteiner (@pokipsie) 3. Oktober 2016

Martin, you took a trip with the 1-day travelpass Plus. How was it?
It was super. My family and I went to Nyon. So that’s my wife and three daughters, the youngest is seven months old. First we took the train to Konolfingen and picked up my wife’s grandma. We visited the castle in Nyon. There’s a museum there, a garden and a wonderful view.

Would you have made this trip by car?
No, that would have been more expensive, especially with the detour to Konolfingen. It’s also more comfortable to travel by train and the little ones can cope with longer journeys better because they can move about more and play.


What do you think about public transport prices?
In some cases, the prices are quite steep. Over the last 19 years I’ve almost always had a GA travelcard – if I could afford it. It was worth it every time. But going away on the train as a family soon gets expensive because my wife doesn’t have a GA travelcard. When we travel to Grisons, I always check if there’s a supersaver ticket. I find offers like the 1-day travelpass Plus very attractive. I also like the Junior travelcards for 30 Swiss francs a year. Soon they’ll only cost half that, which is great.

1-day travelpass Plus: a good reason to take the train
The 1-day travelpass Plus is available for groups of two to four people. One of the people travelling must have a Half-Fare travelcard. Lots of people who travel in their free time take the car when they go away because they find the train too expensive. That’s why the 1-day travelpass Plus is such a great offer to start with. New customers can be safe in the knowledge that they can travel together by train comfortably and at an affordable price.