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From door to door with the “SBB Trip Planner Preview” app.

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You’re familiar with the everyday situation of trying to get from A to B as quickly, cheaply and conveniently as possible. In an ideal world, you would manage all three. In practice, however, our customers often find themselves in something of a dilemma as it is rarely possible to meet all their requirements. Although the IC train lets you travel between cities quickly and conveniently (in other words: without having to change), the last stretch needs to be done by taxi, increasing the costs of the trip.

You could, however, book a supersaver ticket for the train journey in advance with the SBB Mobile app. And, instead of taking a taxi, you could reserve a Mobility vehicle at your destination. Bookings of this kind can currently only be made on separate apps or websites, which can be quite time-consuming. It also means you might be making a few compromises in terms of convenience and speed in exchange for getting to your destination cheaply.

Plan, book and travel quickly and easily.
The current SBB Mobile app does not show the entire range of transport options available for every situation. Journey costs are only calculated from the nearest stop, for example. Alternatives such as PubliBike and using your own car do not appear as available options either.

You can now download a solution from your app store: the “SBB Trip Planner Preview” app. The main advantage for people who use mobile devices on the move is that they can decide on their travel options based on their individual requirements as the new app combines everything on one platform – not just buses, trams and trains, but a whole range of other forms of transport:

  • Mobility vehicles
  • P+Rail parking
  • PubliBike availability and reservation
  • Users’ own cars and bikes

You can book your chosen combination of transport without leaving the app, which will take a lot less time than it currently does. The app also lets you retrieve necessary information any time when you’re on the move. The app’s map feature is just as handy – it means that you don’t have to switch to another app to find out how to walk or cycle to your destination.

Ultimately, of course, the individual user always has the final say on which travel option is the most feasible. The new possibilities that the “SBB Trip Planner Preview” app opens up are clear: the timetable of the future will address the need for seamless journey plans and provide real added value.

Note: SBB is launching the “SBB Trip Planner Preview” as a separate app. It is still in development and is therefore only available as a preview. The “SBB Trip Planner Preview” is available on both the Apple Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. Share your ideas and suggestions for improvement in the SBB Community and help us to design the trip planner of the future.

For further information, please visit:

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This is only a test - testing for ADA

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This is only a test - testing for ADA