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refund ticket

New Member

Hi, on the 16/02/2019, I came to the ticket office to buy ticket going in this following order: Lausanne - Montreux, Montreux - Lausanne, Lausanne - Geneva. But the sale person misheard and book us going to Montreux to Luzern and Luzern to Geneva. It cost us exactly 604 CHF. Luckily I checked it again and the sale person changed it to the right order. He told us to put my credit card in again and charged us around 400 CHF for it. The second charge has not been yet charged to my account till this day and I also have not received any refund for the difference in price. I will put my endings of my card number below.

It was for four persons so there are total of 8 cards since Lausanne to Montreux are return trips. I did not keep all my tickets because i thought it was all settled.

Credit card number: 53xx xxxx xxxx 5103
The charge was from CFF Lausanne, 604 CHF
Let me know if you have any questions.

Traveller (platinum)

Dear @DavidDinh

Thank you for contacting us.

Please contact directly our customer dialog ( / 0800 401 401), my colleagues will be pleased to help you out and find out what happened.