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lost phone on the S40 train

New Author


Yesterday (16.02) in Pfaeffikon SZ I lost my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone on S40 train from Rapperswil to Einsiedeln.

It was on one of those "side" foldable chairs (where people often sit while with baby trolleys). I left the phone on a seat with a backpack and then, in a rush, took the backpack and the chair folded with my phone!

I made a test today and indeed a phone does not fall in such situation - it just stays on the seat while the chair folds...

Is it possible it could still be there? Do the services open these chairs everyday for cleaning etc??

The S40 is not very busy and people rarely use these chairs especially the one that are close to "normal" seat as the space is a bit constrained...

I checked a few trains after the event but with no luck. The phone is still ringing.

Any hints? Could it still be there after 24h?

Thank you!

Traveller (platinum)

Hello @Przemek 

Thanks for your request.

All found items will be sent to our lost and found central.

Our lost property service, enables you to report forgotten or lost objects via the Internet, telephone or at the ticket counter. We link the found items with the lost items and you will receive an SMS, an e-mail or a letter which will inform you about the status of the search after four days and another one after ten days.

More information may be found on:

I wish you a nice afternoon.

Greetings, SandrineB

New Author

Looks like it is found 🙂 thank you all for reading!

Remember, if it stays in the foldable chair it can be trapped there for a while!