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how to report conductors that don't know how to do their job?

New Member

Hi everybody,

this is a review about unprofessionality of the conductors in Arth Goldau,we had a connecting train to Rapperswill Jona,and for information we asked the conductors which train is the right one,having 5min difference to take each train,we didn't had the time to check the timetables, I always get this connecting train but this day 22.05.2019, 2 conductors didn't know information about schedules of connecting the end wr lost the train because of the incompetence of those persons that should guide travelers. I am not from Switzerland I travelled frequently and I am impressed to their system but today not. Hope the SBB and other train companies will hire professional and prepared workers. because we pay our tickets for your service,so please give us the service we deserve.



Hallo @Mailandgirl,

I apologize for the problems having during you trip and we would ask you to contact our customers service 0800 401 401 (free of charge)

Have a nice day