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Zurich airport express door to door

New Author

I am scheduled to arrive Zurich Airport on 27 Dec 2022 (arrival by 07:00) and will go to Zermatt directly via train.

Since I will place order via online for express door-to-door, I check via Flughafen airport website, understand that I can hand over my luggage to SBB Travel Centre locate at L-1 of airport terminal, however I am not sure the correct postal code for this location,

My plan is as follow:
Time : 08:00 Hands over my luggage (Suitcases and snowboard bags) to SBB Travel Centre locate at L-1 of airport terminal.
Time: 18:00 to 23:00 collect back my luggage on the same day at Zermatt Hotel

can anyone help pls?


George LEE


Hi @glee1018 

Thank you for your request.

It is not possible to send your luggage “door-to-door” from the SBB station. Moreover, to take advantage of the express delivery must be placed by no later than 8 pm two days before collection. For the Luggage “station to station” and “station to door”, it takes 3 days to collect the luggage.

You will find all the information and our offers here.

If you have an other question, please contact directly our hotline at +41 51 225 78 00, my colleagues will inform you.

I wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

Kind regards

Thank you Nic,

So sad to hear that, as I already placed the order on 23 Dec 2022 and target to drop my luggage at Airport SBB service center on 27 Dec 2022 (Time : 0830), from your given info, it seems that I cannot do it after I collect luggage at the Airport Terminal and must be travel with all the luggage to Zermatt on 27 Dec 2022, since I have to use my snow gear on 28 Dec 2022.

Anyway, Thank you for your advice.

Merry Christmas!