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Useful Swiss German phrases for public transport please!

New Member

I hope someone can be very helpful and provide some suggestions for this question.


I have recently moved to Switzerland, and as I am married to a Swiss person I am learning the Swiss German dialect rather than High German. However, I can't always rely on him to provide me with the useful phrases I need, especially when it comes to public transport when there are specific terms used for tickets etc. 


I'd love it if you could share some of your most useful words and phrases that might be useful on buses, trains etc.


I'm looking for phrases like:


A day pass to Horgen please.

Is the hospital stop in the same zone?

A single ticket to Sursee please.

Where is the wheelchair access/ramp?

Is my ticket valid on S8 to Thalwil?

I purchased my ticket with the SBB app.


Feel free to translate the above or offer some new ones! I would like to make a feature on my blog as I think this would be really useful for newcomers to this part of Switzerland. 

Commuter (silver)

Hi @Bekahland

That sounds interesting Smiley Wink

Do you want these sentences to be translated in German, "Züridütsch" or Swiss German in general?

Some of our active users can certainly help you as well:

Feel free to invite other users by marking (-> @username) in your post.

Kind regards