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Train opened doors on the wrong side.

New Author

The S8 train did something unexpected at the Bach SZ station at 19:16 (going in the Pfaffikon direction). It opened doors on the left side, instead of right. I saw two people exiting the train and jumping or falling down on the wrong side. This seems to me extremely dangerous and probably life-threatening, I don't think trains should ever do that.

Also I noticed the train was showing the wrong direction on the display at that time (Wintertur).

Commuter (silver)

Hi @Ax

We definitely need to report this. Thank you for your feedback.

Please answer the following question: Was it the train S8 18871, that arrived in Bäch SZ on platform 1 at 19:12 (direction Pfäffikon SZ) or the train S8 18874, that arrived in Bäch on platform 2 at 19:16 (direction Winterthur)?

Kind regards

I don't recall the train number.

But it was *definitely* the train at 19:12, direction Pfäffikon SZ, arriving on platform 1.

I mentioned the later time since it might have had a small delay and I usually remember the x:16 times as I look at the watch when entering the train. Sorry for confusion.

Also as I mentioned previously the train was displaying the opposite direction on the internal displays (i think throughout my journey from Zurich Enge)