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Tourist Swiss Half Fare Family card and Junior Card, Switzerland to Paris

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  • Is the Junior travel Card or Children's Co-travel card be purchased by tourist?
  • Can the Swiss Half Fare Family Card be used for discounted tickets to Jungfraujoch from Interlaken Ost?
  • If I have the Swiss Half Fare Family Card, can I use the "Half Fare" option to purchase train tickets from Interlaken West to Gare de Lyon, Paris?
  • Or, what would be the best combination option to purchase tickets for the trip from Interlaken West to Gare de Lyon, Paris?


Pendler/in (Bronze)

Hello @RTTK 

The Juniors Card or Co-travel card you can only buy with a swiss adress as a swiss resident. All the required information you'll find on following website: Swiss Half Fare Card – Switzerland at half the price | SBB. You'll find the map of validity where you see all the reductions and also the FAQ's on the right side.

For further information please call our contact center +41 51 225 78 00 or use the chat function on the FAQ website Tickets – Help Center Switzerland Tourism (

Have a nice day.

Kind regards, VlaznimA.

this is a bit confusing, because on the website it says 

I am travelling as a tourist in Switzerland. Does my child also need a SwissPass card?

No. If you want your child to travel for free, you have the option of buying one of the Swiss Travel System products (e.g. the Swiss Travel Pass). Your child will then receive a Swiss Family Card for free.

If you decide not to use a Swiss Travel System product, you can buy a Swiss Junior Travelcard to allow children to travel for free at any staffed point of sale. You receive it in paper form with a validity of 30 days for the price of CHF 30.

If you are travelling in 2nd class and are only making a few journeys or travelling with your child for one day, the following further alternatives are available:

  • the Day Pass Children for CHF 19 (valid for one calendar day in the GA Travelcard area of validity).
  • A half-price Point-to-Point Ticket for each journey (worthwhile for journeys for which the ticket costs less than CHF 19 per day).


so my understanding is that parents can get those cards for their kids even if they are tourist? 

Hello @lexa1 

That is corrcet. You just described all options you have.

- Swiss Family Card - if the parents have a Swiss Travel Pass

- Junior Card - if the price of the trips you are taking exceeds CHF 30 and the parents do not have a Swiss Travel Pass.

- Children's day passes for trips under the cost of CHF19 

- Half price point-to-point tickets for even shorter trips.

All offers are avalilable for tourists.

Hope I could help you with this information and wish you an unforgettable time in Switzerland.

Regards RahelW