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Still looking for my luggage after the lost report

New Author

To whom it may concern,


On October 28, 2017, I took the train (RegioExpress 31140) from Renens (started at 14:15) to Geneva (arrived at 15:00). When I got off the train, I forgot to take my luggage on the shelf above the seats. The terminal station of the train is Geneva Airport. I submitted the lost report (K2017/139852) later but after one week, I only got a letter stating that my luggage has not been found yet. 


My luggage is a Chinese brand named Wanlima with two wheels. The color is close to blue or grey. I attached a picture here for your conveniences in searching. 


I have some clothes and one medical bag which is very important for me in the inner luggage and one broken mobile in the outside case. 


Until now, I checked some found items which could be my luggage, which are: 



F2017 / 103602


F2017 / 103301

F2017 / 103274

F2017 / 103229


F2017 / 102981

F2017 / 102562

F2017 / 092443

Best wishes and looking forward to your reply,

Ji JiangWechatIMG3423.jpeg


Hi @ JiJiang

We checked your lost and found report again. Your luggage was found.

You will receive an e-mail from the lost and found office.


Kind regards

Manuela Pf