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Stations outside of Davos

New Author

Does anyone know what options there are for active train and / or bus stations in the area surrounding Davos?


I cannot find lodging in Davos itself, so I am looking at some Airbnbs in the rural area just outside of the town, but I don't want to book my lodging until I know I'll be able to get into Davos from wherever I end up staying. The SBB site seems to only be letting me input specific start and end stations, but I'm wondering if there is a site or map somewhere where I can see all of the options in a more general area so that I can see which stations will be closest to my different Airbnb options as I try to plan this travel.

Commuter (gold)

Hi @JMhaymaker 

May I ask why Davos? Is it for vacation?

Originating from Engadin, I can tell you that there are by far nicer / prettier towns and villages in the Graubünden canton. Davos is a city... If you have to stay near Davos, look at Klosters, for example. Or, Bergün - beautiful! Otherwise spend your vacation in the Engadin.

Looking at AirBnB, make sure the host is officially registered. You can check this by verifing it with the local Tourism office.

Best regards,


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Community Manager

Hi @JMhaymaker 

Google Maps is certainly a good place to start.

For public transport in Switzerland, there is a specific map, called “Trafimage”.

Direct map link to Davos Platz

On the interactive map, you'll find all stations (incl. bus/postbus). Click on the blue public transport icon for more information.

For questions about Davos, I recommend the tourist information. You may contact them by email, chatbot, WhatsApp, or by phone.

Have a great time in or around Davos!

Best regards,