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New Member

After 6.5 years of commuting, after writting a letter of complain to the SBB back in around 2013, and after developing breathing problems, I asked myself every **bleep** day: Why is for Switzerland so important to let people smoke in close enviroments (such as the Basel SBB)? Why is the SBB CFF not doing anything about it?

I have asked swiss and locals and they seem not to be bother by that. Their answer commonly is "I grew up with that so I dont feel it" are you seriusly telling me that??? thanks a lot Philip Morris for your lobbying !

I mean this is like if I ask a young person from the Chernobyl area: is the radiation not bothering you? ......should I just accept an answer like ....."haa! well, I grew up with that, so the constant vomiting doesnt bother me anymore". No right?

Its time to change and do something about it, your smoke is toxic to my life and those around you.

And remember: Your Rights End Where Mine Begin and your smoke is violating my basic right to breath air.

Hopefully this stops soon so my kids can have a better enviroment.


Fully agree.  I'd love to see a ban on smoking on platforms.  But I guess the only solution would be a government ban on smoking in public areas, unless in a designated smoking area.  

Ich sollte nicht fragen müssen, ob der Platz frei ist.