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New Author
Please please BAN SMOKING in and around railway stations. Cigarette smoke smalls terrible and causes all kinds of health problems; cigarette ash is dirty; and cigarette butts are visual and environmental pollutants. What a waste of the SBB's (i.e. our) time and money cleaning up after people who smoke.
New Member

I totally agree, there is no need for smoking on platforms and concourse in the 21st Century. Other European countries have banned it, or at least restricted to a limited number of small areas, so why can't Switzerland? I restrict my travel on public transport as a result, forcing me to use my car (something Switzerland doesn't want me to do). If you are serious about providing the World's best public transport solution, then simply ban smoking and open up your railways to many more travellers. If you simply must allow people to smoke, provide an area that is well away from escalators/lifts/main public thoroughfares, and make the smoker feel awkward rather than the other way around.

I used to live in Tokyo. Japan is a country that's quite addicted to tabacco, but they managed to ban smoking in all public places in Tokyo, including train stations and streets. It's incredibly bothersome to wait around at the train stations here, especially with children. Smoking should be banned in all stations, period. Setup smoking rooms if necessary, for the minority who smoke and currently bother everyone else.

According to several medias, the SBB is going to experiment a total ban of smoking in several stations (including Basel, the worst as far as smoking is concerned, in my opinion)

Let's hope these experiments will be a success and will convert into a total ban in all areas of every station !

Yes! Better late than never!!

Had to sign up when I saw this article. Finally some action.  I am appalled at the lack of respect for non smokers. Everywhere I go someone is smoking and without any regard whatsoever where they blow their smoke. Disgusting. Not sure why I am forced to inhale all these toxins. I am from Canada but Swiss citizen as well. Smoking is banned in major public spaces like this. Smoking is banned in restaurants. Its banned to be smoking within 9 m of a public facility. I get smokers have rights but if they want to breath in their toxins and litter cigarettes everywhere then so be it, but my goodness do it in designated spots and without encroaching on people who respect their health. 

I just dont get why the heck this is even a trial. Its so common worldwide.  Swiss standard for cleanliness everywhere yet polluted smoke and cig butts permissable. Go figure.  And one of the best health care systems in the world yet without regard to its citizens health with no anti smoking campaigns at all. 

I really hope this carries thru to an all out ban in all stations and tram stops. 

I totally agree! I have stopped taking the train because I am fed up of inhaling other peoples smoke ALL THE F*** TIME. before you get on the train, on the stairs, on the escalator, on the platform on the way out of the train station. the worst is the ones that have the last drag outside, then get on the train and exhale their smoke INSIDE the train, or the ones that have their **bleep** ready in their mouth even before the train stops and likewise, have the cheek to light up already in the train as soon as the door opens. it happens ALL THE TIME DEAR SBB SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! TAKE ACTION! DO SOMETHING FOR THE HEALTH OF SIETZERLAND. why is Switzerland so backwards with the smoking ban and why do we think we have to be so liberal and allow smoking everywhere. just ban it, other countries have done it decades ago! ??
Your website states:

"There are no plans to introduce a complete smoking ban on platforms and change the practical solution currently in use, which is widely accepted and complies with the law. This consists of designating zones within stations where smoking is banned and zones where it is permitted (particularly on platforms)."

Practical for whom? Smoke does not respect random lines drawn on the ground. This policy is not in compliance with the measures set out in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control or the WHO Guidelines to prevent deaths from passive smoking. In addition to being inconsistent with the above obligations, SBB's policy is indiscriminately exposing its guests, including small children to harmful second-hand smoke. SBB must ban smoking completely from its platforms and buildings - no other solution is logical, legally defensible, and respectful to all train users, including babies, children and non-users of this cancer-causing substance.

I look forward to hearing a more sensible policy from SBB in the very near future.