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SBB construction near Zermatt

New Author

I went to the Zermatt last thursday.

When I took a train from Visp which go to Zermatt, staff of SBB tell me that I have to transfer to the bus at St.Niklaus because of night construction.

And I transferred to the bus and I left my phone in the bus.

I ask to Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn that is the bus driver is the member of SBB.

But they said no, and they don't know anything about him.


How does it possible????

SBB provided the bus but they don't have any information about the bus driver???

It's really irresponsible answer I think.


Please tell me some information about the bus company.

I guess my phone is still in the bus like somewhere corner of floor or under the seat.

I just want to ask him to look around the bus again.


Hello @jaekyung

As the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway operates the line from Visp to Zermatt, the replacement buses are organised by them and not by SBB. Therefore we have no information about the bus driver.

However, the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway sends all found objects to the central of all lost things in Swiss public transport. Therefore I recommend to give up a lost report:

After you have done the lost report, we'll contact you in a few days if your phone is found or not.

Kind regards,