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Reka card payment doesn't available anymore?

New Author

The payment option of reka card not available anymore on the sbb website?

Commuter (silver)

Hi tianshi

The implementation of the new Reka Card payment option is delayed. We expect it to be available from mid January 2018.

Until 30.09.2017 we accept the "old" Reka Card in our old webshop version (




Right now it is only available the payment with the old REKA card, that I guess it means only cards with 8 numbers. Isn`t it?

When it will be possibile to pay with the new REKA card (10 number card)??? I made the REKA CARD moreover for the SBB payment..

thnaks in adance.

Seems the problem still not solve. The new Reka card is not accepted for payment. How advance the technology of the SBB online service

March 2018 and this still doesn't appear as an option, can someone provide an update on when this will be added?

New Member
Please inform us about the status with the reka card and the ability to use it with the mobile sbb app!

We are approaching end of August! This is important! Are you still working on it at all?
New Author

I think SBB does not care about its customers.... its anyways already making millions in profit.


It is delayed for years - i think it is strategic not to integrate reka card payment to the sbb website.


Nowadays i buy it in the ticket machines - there they accept reka cards but probably not for long.

It is such a pain.


New Author
They have just released an update to the mobile app (at least on ios, not sure about android) where they now accept reka

Hi Sandral, 

Please can you advise what can be done to use the Reka card online with SBB after 30/09? 

I have over CHF300 on my card which I use to pay for train tickets - I buy the ticket using the Reka card and it gets sent straight to my phone. 

If the option goes, I have to then manually buy the ticket from the machine and then present the ticket and the SwissPass to the conductor - this is plain daft. 



its no longer working - the payment option now takes only 8 digits but the reka card is 10 digits long.


i think they just broke it. its now such a pain.



Hi, Sandra,


But in the counter and ticket machine do not have supersaver ticket. This is sort of inconvenience.