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Please, protect people from smokers!

"At the inside of the train station of Zurich Stadelhofen it is currently not allowed to smoke. Ashtrays are still available at the outside of the station. During the trial period no fines will be imposed in the newly created smoke-free zones. After a test period of several months we will take a final decision."

With all due respect Sandral, that doesnt help non smokers. Inside the station down below where no smoking is allowed. Yes that great as it should be. But are we supposed to wait down there for the train that comes in 1min so we dont have to breath toxic air and then suddenly rush up the escalator when we think the train is should be coming?    My observation is the vast majority of smokers do not care where they blow smoke or throw their ciggarette butts or have any regard to other peoples health. In fact some seem to even enjoy seeing others who are annoyed by the smoke.  I hope its not a trial just to appease the non smokers to say that SBB tried it but actually hopes it failed , in order to save money implenting the plan to put non smoking zones everywhere.  In the intrest of health and safety it should just be done period.  No one is taking away smokers rights to light up, just dont do it where it must standing for transportation wait mixes with those who respect thier health. 

Agree full heartedly! The like button does not want to let me give you a thumbs up.
I feel sad for people working in the Zurich Hb every day and are beimg exposed to second hand smoking. People still dont understand the dangers of second hand smoking and it makes me wonder why. Is it just to make angry customers that have an addiction? Sbb can provide flyers for addiction. I saw flyers about hambling addiction in Montecarlo's biggest casino. We are so used to our life being easy that having it easy comes at the cost of people's health. This is not a light topic and I would treat it accordingly.

Dear SBB,


I recently moved to Zürich from abroad. I always thought of Switzerland as a progressive country, however I am shocked at the lack of protection of non-smokers against second-hand smoke. The only real solution is to ban smoking at all public transport areas, unconditionally. Such regulations have been implemented successfully in multiple countries around the world. We all know it can be done.

People who want to smoke should feel free to do so outside of these areas. The fact that they need to "endure the elements" or suffer any other inconvenience is a direct consequence of their own choice. 

The effects of smoking and second-hand smoke have been scientifically established for decades. This is not a controversial topic. This is not a topic up for debate. We all know what the only ethical solution is. Any solutions that fall short of a full ban are there to protect the tobacco lobby, not your customers.

Please do the right thing, be a responsible company.



Dear SBB,

Please protect us from smokers, I have been living in Switzerland for 3 years, and it is really frustrating to have to endure cigarette smoke every time I wait at a bus station, it really affects me a lot, even not being able to be under the roof with my baby during a day of Rain just because a smoker sat in the middle of the bench, or having to walk away because for some mothers it is normal to smoke sitting at the bus station in front of their babies in their strollers.

A signage is not enough, 20 minutes ago a woman smoked under a "no smoking here" signage at Embrach Rorbas station. Could you enable a platform to file complaints from people who don't follow the rules?

Hi @Johana 


I get it. You dont have the legal right for fines, and frankly nor the capacity to enforce fines at all the stations to make a difference. Except the statement that you depend on smokers to keep to the rules out of respect and tolerance is almost completely non-existent in my mind. They as a whole, simply have no consideration for other people.

Would like to see a list of measures that planned to be taken. There needs to be better change going forward. Something a whole lot more visible. For example, an idea might be to have a very visible line of no smoking within about 3m of a platform edge next to the track. Assuming they actually respect it, this would reduce the number of smokers who need that last big inhale and puff just as they are boarding at the doors, ready for everyone else to inhale and the litter that ensues of cig butts all over the tracks and platforms. Something to be brain stormed perhaps.

Interesting article below that points to the 2010 smoking ban for indoor spaces. Restaurants in particular had this fear they would lose business and instead the opposite happened. You just may attract more people to use trains if they dont have to deal with the smoke that surrounds the area, not to mention the thumbs down you receive from tourists who do not expect such low standards of smoking restrictions.

So what happened to the smoking ban?

Are the no smoking signs painted on the floor (where almost no one will see them) it?

Pretty poor attempt, if so. Hopefully there's more coming (publicity, signs people see, enforcement of rules on platforms etc).

Anyone know?

Unfortunately it is not useful to put a banner when underneath they put a special trash can to throw away cigarettes, they continue to smoke anywhere because they do not receive any sanction, at least I have never seen someone who does not respect the rules confronted for doing so.

New Author

Hi there,
My point is - Any country, regardless of income level, can implement effective smoke-free legislation. Only a total ban on smoking in public places, including all indoor workplaces, protects people from the harms of second-hand smoke, helps smokers quit and reduces youth smoking.