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Payment of the expenses caused because of SBB

New Author

On August 30th, we have missed our flight due to a train problem and we request our additional expenses covered by SBB.

We took the train of 18:01 (InterRegıo 2664) from Zurich HB to the Zurich Flughafen for our flight at 19:40 (we had plenty of time as we didn't have any luggages and our mobile check-in was done already). However, the train shut down at Zurich Oerlikon station and the announcement was made after 10 minutes in German only. Therefore, all the international passengers didn't have a clue what was going on for another 15 minutes and in the end I found an authorized personnel to understand what was going on. Of course, we couldn't find any other train at that station and we had to find a taxi, which took us another 15 minutes and getting to the airport took us another 15 minutes. In summary, we missed our flight by being in the airport by 19:00.


I would understand that a problem can occur and it can be nobody's fault. But if the announcements are made in German only (no English at all) on an international airport destinationed train, that this is clearly the company's fault. Therefore we would like to receive our additional expenses caused by SBB of 468.89 CHF (412 EUR approx.). All the necessary documents are attached in the below link:

Thank you in advanced for your understanding.

Best Regards,



Hello @Emre

I'm sorry for the bad experience that you had on board of our train. For a refund, I recommand you to contact directly our Customerdialogue Please send them all the documents.

I wish you a nice afternoon.

Kind regards.




Thank you for your reply, will do so!