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Ordering a SwissPass from abroad

New Member


I will be moving to Switzerland soon and would like to buy a GA travelcard. I have registered in already, however, when I try to buy a GA travelcard, I get asked to provide a customer number which appears in the SwissPass. I have tried ordering a SwissPass online, but the process is very confusing. So far, I have done the identity check and was approved for it, however, when I go back to the website to buy the travelcard and order the SwissPass, there is no more instructions on how to order the SwissPass. It still looks like I need to perform the identity check even though I have done it already and received approval.

I was wondering how to proceed with ordering the SwissPass to be able to buy the GA travelcard for when I arrive to Switzerland.

Many thanks,



Hi @anagonzalez 

Thank you for your request.

On the community, we do not have information about our customers' abonnement. I advise you to go to the ticket office when you arriving in Switzerland. You can give us an CH- address and we can send the SwissPass card directly to your address. You can travel directly with a temporary card, the SwissPass will be sent within 10 days.

For any other information, please contact our Contact Centre on +41 848 44 66 88, if this doesn't work, you can use the number +41 51 225 78 00.

My colleagues will be able to help you.

Kind regards