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Need guidance for swiss travel, is Grand Train Tour a good idea? etc

New Author

Hi, We (family of 4, 2 teenage boys (22,14)) are planning a trip to switzerland. We have an option to travel mid-march or early-june. I really wanted to travel in December and experience the snow-covered landscape (we live in warm climate, so 'snow' has a 'wow' effect on us). However given current situation in Paris we thought it might not be a good idea. I have a few questions and would appreciate some guidance from locals or experienced swiss travellers. Thanks much in advance.

1) I am given to understand that in mid-march we will still be able to see snow-capped mountain peaks even if the entire landscape is not covered in snow. Will there be snow on the ground in general during that time or only on the peaks or not at all ?
2) Is switzerland better experienced in summer (june july timeframe)? or is march a grade balance between winter and summer months?
3) We are planning for the 8-day Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. Is that a good idea or is it just too much ""on-the-train"". I mean to ask, is that a good way to see/experience the varied swiss landscape?
4) We probably will miss the Gotthard Panaroma express as it starts after april 19. Do you think its really worth and we should try to travel in june to ensure we can travel on it? I am thinking we are anyways enjoying the GoldenPass line, Glacier Express and the Bernina maybe one less panaromic train might be ok. any thoughts?
5) If we decided to add a couple of nights where wud you recommend we stay and why? for eg i read in forums interlaken a lot, but not quite sure what i can experience in interlaken more with additional stay.
6) Is English spoken enough so that we wont have trouble with communication?
7) Typically if there is lot of travel should I just go for the swiss travel pass? I mean, is it worth going thru all of the calculations (costs of all trains, bus etc) to decide if i should go for the half-fare card v/s the swiss travel pass ?

any other pertinent guidance will be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance.


Hello @TM1

Thank you for your post.

We will gladly reply your questions regarding train rides. For general questions regarding Switzerlands weather conditions and accommodation we kindly ask you to contact a travel agency.

The Swiss Travel Pass is the best option if you plan to travel several days by train. For Panorama trains, you only need to reserve a seat (if obligatory). More Informations about the Swiss Travel Pass you will find on the following link:

All informations about the Gotthard Panorama Express you will find on the following link:

I wish you a pleasant stay in Switzerland.