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Manned ticket sale office times at Geneva Airport Station?

New Author

I will be arriving quite late into Geneva airport - around 22:00, and need to purchase a Junior Travelcard. Will this be possible at this time or later? I understand that this pass can only be purchased from a manned ticket office, not from the ticket machines. Could anyone point me to the times the office will be open or will it always be open when the station has trains running?

New Member

Offices will be open from 8 a.m. until around 10 p.m., or resellers will be able to sell them. to the public. Booking tickets online or via a ticket agent is now possible. However, one ticket will be more costly as a result of this arrangement. Please consult the following!

Thanks Onlykoala, so there are no ticket windows with people after 10pm, only machines? In that case I guess I can't buy the Junior Travelcard until the following morning.