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Luggage transfer Zurich airport to Geneva airport

New Author


We are doing a 6 day trip in Switzerland, where we land in Zurich and depart from Geneva for an onward flight.  We plan to take a few train rides over the period of time, eg Zurich to Lucerne, Interlaken to Geneva.

We will have check-in luggages that we will need for our onward trip.   I have checked the station-to-station option, and luggage is normally received day after tomorrow.  Is it possible to use the station-to-station option to deposit the luggage at Zurich airport on day 1 for us to receive at Geneva airport on day 6?  

Any suggestions or referrals on what can be done would be greatly appreciated!


New Author

Thanks for the info!


Hello @tartar 

Thank you for your request. 

With the offer Luggage station to station you have a free storage on the day of arrival and the following four days. Every subsequent day costs CHF 5.-.

For more Informations click here:

Thanks and have a great day. 

Regards, LauraV