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Lost my black wallet in train between Interlaken West - Spiez (K2018/136940)

New Author
Lost my black wallet in train between Interlaken West - Spiez (K2018/136940) on Friday, 5 Oct 2018. Might have fallen off my pocket when I sat down. I have filed a lost wallet at SBB website, but haven't heard back since then. Any update on this? I will be leaving Switzerland tomorrow, appreciate if there's any update soon. Thank you
Traveller (platinum)

Hello Yonasstephen.

I'm really sorry, but for the moment we still haven't found your wallet.


Hi Sarah,

Actually I just got contacted by the lady who found my wallet, Nellie, she said she gave my wallet to SBB Basel station. Could you please confirm of the wallet is there. Thank you