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Lost my baggage on SBB train - IC 692 Luzern to Basel SBB

New Author

Dear SBB,

I missed my black whelled trolley Bag (brand - Alfa )with clothes inside it on Train IC 692 on April 22nd - Time 21:54 while travelling from Luzern to Basel SBB. (The train number is as per the ticket but the train was SBB train and train number was different). My final destination was frankfurt.

I have copy of my tickets from Frankfurt to Zurich and Luzerne to Frankfurt in the front zip of the bag.

Since the train from Luzern to basel SBB was SBB operated train and basel SBB to frankfurt was DB operated train, I have raised  I have raised a lost request in SBB and Duetsche Bahn.

The SBB lost record is K2018/052136. The DB lost record is 4257689.

Request you to help me find my lost baggage. 


Santhosh Anvekar

Ph: +49 1521 5822 931





Hello @SanthoshAnvekar

Thank you for your request.

Unfortunately, we haven't found anything until now. But if we will find something, we will send you an E-mail. 

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your item to be found.

Kind regards, 

Bag photo.png

Attached my bag photos for reference. Please let me know if you find the bag. 

Dear SBB,

Under my Lost request K2018/052136...

There is list of found items..

1> F2018/037258

2> F2018/037634 -- Blue jacket

3> F2018/038258

4> F2018/039074 -- Clothes and medicine

5> F2018/037988

I am trying to reach your agent on the number +41 9003003000 to check out the found items. I am unable call from Germany mobile as well the landline.

Can you tell me how I can connect to this number from germany ?

Is there any other number which I can contact from germany ?

I strongly feel this the found record F2018/039074 could be my bag ? 

Things in my bag - Kids jacket (blue+white+red), front zip on the bad has my travel ticket printouts, medicine (crocin syrup+ dolo 650 tablets), advent cream..

 Is it possible for you to check and confirm if it is my bag. Also attached the bag photo. request you to help me find my bag.

Lost Bag.png


Santhosh Anvekar

Ph: +49 1521 5822 931