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Lost my Black Backpack with Passport Inside!

New Author
I lost my Black Backpack on a train from Montreux to Geneva Airport on 29/03/2018.

The brand of the bag is Calvin Klein

The Train number is IR90 - 1822 - Leaving at 14:47 PM. From Montreux to Geneva.

There are 2 Vietnamese Passport Inside (Colors are green)
Name 1st one: Phuong Nhung Nguyen 04/09/1995
Name 2nd one: Ta Duc Tan 04/12/1994

Also, there is a black laptop, and some chargers, documents inside.

I already submitted the lost and found online form, the number is K2018/041187.

Please, the passports and the bag is very very important to us and we need those documts to come back to our country. I very apperciate your help.

Please, we are very desperate.

Thank you
New Author

Dear SBB officers,


I have forgotten my back pack in SBB train from olten to luzern. It was in 31st of May, 2018 at 7:45 AM. 

I filed the report through online platform soon after the train had left.

The form code is K2018/041623  

Bag appearance:

-color: black

-Normal size suitable for a laptop and few staff

Staff inside:

My Cambodian Passport: Name Mr. Taing Zola 

A bottle of water

An umbrella

A small pack of medicine


I'm really in a serious situation as I have to leave schengen area very soon. I haven't received any reply so far.

Would you please kindly check it. I really need the passport. It is like my nightmare now, so I really need to hear your update. Thank you 

Kind regards,




Hi @Nhungnguyen

Thank you for your comments. I’ve checked your lost property report, everything is correct. We will contact you directly if your object is found.

It would be better to delete your post on our community, because it contains information that should not be seen by everyone (e-mail address, phone number, etc.).

Thank you for your understanding


Thank you so much! Please let me know as soon as we can!

We have to fly back next week!

Thank you