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Lost a PzK shopping bag on IC827 20.12.2017 Bern to Zurick Flughafen Reference No.V2017/017163

New Author

I forgot my shopping bag  from PzK, a large black plastic bag with PzK in white print, on 2nd class cart, overhead storage on 1st floor seat. The train is IC827, from Bern to Zurick main station.

Got off the train at Zurick main station and report at Zurick Oerlikon within 10 mins.  Train left Zurick main station at 18.07 and final destination at 19:18 Romanshorn.

I was deeply appreciated by all the staff who gave lots of help and making lots of phone calls trying to trace my stuff, as the train only two stops away when I filed the missing report.

However, even though I had made a search request, which I was told should be able to be inform the result through SMS or email within 4 hrs. After paying all these money, however I have not yet recieve any feedback from SBB either SMS or email. And already made several calls by myself.

Please keep me update, and help me get my stuff back, really appreciated.

Traveller (platinum)

Hello Sandy,

I’m sorry that you didn’t get any information.

I have check in our system and unfortunately your bag was not found.

If by any chance someone brings it back to us at a counter, you will be informed per mail at:

I wish you a merry Christmas.

Kind regards,


Dear  CharlineB,

Thank you for your kind reply.

Even though my shopping bag is still missing, but still hope that nice Swiss or tourist would kindly return it to Lost and Found office.

May you have a Merry Christmas

Best regrads

Sandy Lin

Dear  CharlineB,

I had receieved a letter regarding my lost properies.

But looking at the report content, there is some misunderstanding.

Content Platic 800.00 CHF diverse Kleider, kleine Handtasche, Hüte, Handschuhe Description: Objekt: PKZ Tasche Farbe: Schwarz und Weiss Inhalt: Kleider, Hut, Handschuhe Verlustort: 2. Klasse

The right information should be: A Plastic PKZ shopping bag as photo attached.

Insisde, contins 1 Handtasche mit Schulterriemen schwarz , 1 pink Mütze, 3 black Mütze, 1 brown headband, 1 socks, 3 Fingerlose Handschuhe, 1 Blouson-Jacke Italian Fabric。

Pleaes kindly help me  update the correct information. Since I reporsted just within 3 mins after the train left and paid the money, they should be able to find this shopping bag. 

Thank you.