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Lost / Stolen Backpack with a Surface Tablet inside

New Author


My blue/brown backpack went missing on Friday 29/11/2019 in the train IR 15 (InterRegio 2533) from Geneva to Lucerne between 18:0 and 21:00. I had placed it on the ovehead shelf and I noticed it disappeard just prior to my arrival to Lucerne. Inside there was a surface tablet (with many of my University courses), a black kindle e-reader, a blue metall waterbottle, chargers, an umbrella. I already filled a lost item report K2019/175783. I received a message that so far it hasn't been found. Could someone tell me if I should go to the police and report it as stolen? IF yes, what are the procedures for doing so?

New Member

'Inside there was a surface tablet (with many of my University courses)'

This is terrible when we lose bags, but not as terrible as loss of tablet with homework, research work that you've conducted and before publishing you realize all data is lost. I've been to this situation and I lost laptop which had data for my dissertation paper. I had to address writing service to help me write my paper from scratch.

Commuter (silver)

Hi @AndreiC 

If your search request was unsuccessful, you can report it to the police. For the time being, we kindly ask you to wait and see if anything is found.

Kind regards
Sandra Imhof


Thank you for your reply.

Eventually SBB found my backpack and I was able to recover it. However, my tablet was missing from it. 

Should I report it as a lost item separately or should I notify the police?

Hello @AndreiC 

You can report the loss to the police because we got the backpack without the tablet.