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Lost Scott Alpride Airbag Backpack

New Author


im hoping to contact someone at the central lost and found for the SBB. On Sunday March 17th I was on the intercity express 275 from Bern to Interlaken ost. The train arrived at 13:57pm. I forgot my Scott Alpride Airbag backpack on the upper shelf above my seat. I have filed a claim number K2019/037708 on that day as well as called the interlaken ost station just after we arrived in Lauterbrunnen 30 minutes later. The train was being cleaned at that time per the message on the train board. It has my passport, wallet, and ski gear inside. I have been waiting for 5 days to find out about this lost item. Is there anyone that can help me or contact the central lost and found? I’m willing to give a reward for the return of the bag. 

one sbb customer service member said the train had originally started in Germany. Would the bag have been sent there or to the Swiss location?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Hi @Jrobertson 

Our lost property service, enables you to report forgotten or lost objects via the Internet, telephone or at the ticket counter. We balance our records daily of the found with the lost objects. In any case, after four and ten days you receive a search report either per SMS, e-mail or letter.

If you have questions regarding your lost and found report, you can call us on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min).

Kind regards

New Author

Hi Sandral 

Thank you for the message. I have received all the info as you have stated and spoken to the customer service team about the details you have provided. As mentioned in the first message we have already submitted a list report and have the number as you see in the previous email. I am hoping to with contact the center directly as they have checked the list items from interlaken ost and do not see the bag as of yet. I was able to find out the train was traveling back to Basel, then multiple stops before going back to Germany. I have also submitted a list claim with the German bahn. I am hoping someone could possibly look at the video cameras and/ or check the central station as it could have been reported from another station. I am trying to do everything I can as I can not travel without the items inside. Would it be possible to speak to someone at the center?