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Lost Property

New Member

On Sep 1, at around 14:00 pm, I lost a cell phone, samsung note 5, from jungfraujoch to Interlaken. I reported the loss in the Grindelwald and the staff called the station. And then, she said the cell phone (gold colored Samsung Note 5 model) was found in the train and kept in Kleine Scheidegg station. The staff planned to bring the cell phone to Grindelwald station for me at 14:40 but I had to go because of flight time. 

(The lost and found and the number is K2017/114986)


I think the record number F2017/083537 is mine. So, I called the SBB (41 900 300 300) but since I'm in a foreign country (south korea), it's hard to make a phone call.  Please check for me. 

Please, Please. Find for me.

Re: Lost Property


Hi cha

We would appreciate if you could call us under +41 900 300 300 (or try +41 51 225 78 00).

I'm sure that we'll find a solution for you in a personal conversation.

Kind regards

Re: Lost Property

New Author
I left my bag on the train a few days ago.
I left a message on the sbb site and got a text from them today saying that I found your bag.
But I already moved to Italy and I will go back to Korea in 10 days. Can you send my bag to Korea? If possible, how can I pay for it?