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Lost Blue White Floral Backpack IC1 to St Gallon

New Author
Hi all,

I lost a backpack today, with my passport and all the important documents inside.

It is a blue white floral pattern backpack.

I was on the train from Geneva Airport to St Gallon, IC1 16:32

Got off at Geneve station and reported as lost property to the rail service and made a search request already.

Its been more than 4 hours but I still haven't receive anything call from the centre. I paid the money and get nothing. This is very upsetting.

Another accident that also happened as I arrived at the train station, some guy was pick pocketing and was trying to steal my phone. I asked for police but apparently its close. There were many buggers going upfront and stops you for money too. Its horrifying.

The security in this station is extremely disappointing.

I am only hoping to find my passport. Please contact me if there is any information.

My email is


Hello @SnowAngel

Thank you for your request.

We couldn't reach you yesterday by phone and then we sent you a text message on your mobile phone. I don't know if you reveived the message. 

Unfortunately we haven't found your backpack. If we will find something in the next few days, we will sent you directly an E-Mail to the following address.


Kind regards,


Thank you very much.

Do you maybe have an update from the rail office? Did they check the CCTV and see if that man took the backpack?

Traveller (platinum)

Hello SnowAngel ,

There are no surveillance cameras on trains.

We can't control if someone stole your bag.