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Left my bag with many valuables in a train to Geneva

New Member


Yes I did it, in a moment of distraction I got off at Lausanne station and while paying attention to my todler's stroller I forgot my shoulder bag with most of my most valuable things inside. 

I did fill the online form, as detailed as I could. But it has been already 11 days and I have received only "no-found" messages from the lost and found service.

This was on the IC1 (numer 712) to Geneva airport, family coach, second floor, Sunday January 21, in the morning. We took the train in Fribourg, got down in Lausanne Gare. I noticed I wasn't carrying the bag when the train had alredy left to Geneva.

The bag is an indefinite color somewhat greenish brown-green fabric, with some brown leather applications. It closes with buckles and a zipper. Inside there were:

  • 1 camera, Sony A7ii with a canon 100mm f/2 manual lens. Includes a 64 Gb SD card contains mostly views of places and family members.
  • 1 black glasses box with a pair of optical glasses inside, black-brown frames (the only ones I had...)
  • 1 wool hat, gray
  • 2 pairs of wool gloves, gray
  • 2 or 3 plastic toys from my toddler (one red firetruck and a blue crane truck)
  • 1 pair of earphones (black, the kind you plug inside your ears)
  • At least one pen, probably a silver one, cross brand (I'm missing it so it was probably inside the bag as well)
  • Can't remember if there was an additional battery for the camera and other minor things.

Most of this I would probably not be able to replace soon.

I'm writing this report thinking there are not many chances now that over ten days have gone by. But I still hope someone might contact me with news about it.

Thank you for reading this.

Best regards,




Commuter (silver)

Hi rserpell

Unfortunately, I have no further information on your loss report.

Please call our RailService under +41 900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/Min).

Kind regards