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Lactation/ Feeding my **bleep** on Swiss Trains/ Stations?

New Member


I will be traveling May 1-11 in Switzerland and plan on using  the rail system for both short and longer haul trips. My trips will be Zurich (airport)  to Lauterbrunnen, Lauterbrunnen to Bern, Bern to Thun, Thun to Murten, Murten to Bern. I would like to know where I can breastfeed my **bleep** in private on these trains. I am looking for a private, secure, clean, space to feed my **bleep**, NOT in a bathroom. Are their lactation rooms on the trains? Or do they have Mama Pods? Could I use a space in first class (private rooms?) if I am traveling in 2nd class? How can I see what trains have these Spaces? None of the trains list lactation areas.  No where on the SBB website could I find information on breastfeeding areas, which is very unfortunate. Where can I find private, clean and secure feeding areas in the above train stations? 

Thank you very Much!

Lactation/ feeding my infant on Swiss Trains/ Stations?

New Member


So I'm the post owner above. Apparently mentioning the female anatomy, or even the word **bleep** is not allowed on this board. 😕 Geeze. 

But I'm asking about places to feed my infant. Really don't want to sit on a toilet, pretty gross. 


Re: Lactation/ Feeding my **bleep** on Swiss Trains/ Stations?

Hello @indigoMomMN 

Unfortunately we don't have any lockable rooms in the train like at most stations to breastfeed a baby.