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Is there luggage service from Zurich Airport to Lauterbrunnen station?

New Author



My friends and I will be landing in Zurich Airport on Sunday in October 2018. We planned to spend 2 nights in Luzern then off to Lauterbrunnen on the third day. So here comes the question.


1.] Is there a luggage delivery service from Zurich Airport to Lauterbrunnen train station? Or we have to carry our luggages from Zurich Airport to Zurich Bahnhof?


2.] Is there a luggage delivery service from Lauterbrunnen train station to Zermatt train station?


Please let me know.


Thank you very much.


Commuter (silver)

Hi FaRMerZ

We have several luggage services. 

You can either send your luggage from "door-to-door" or from "station-to-station". That's possible for all railway stations that you have mentioned.

Please find more information here:

Kind regards

Dear Sandral,


Thank you very much for your reply. So this means that if I do not want to use door-to-door service, I will have to carry my luggage from the Zurich Airport to Zurich train station. After that I can use the station-to-station service to send my luggage from Zurich train station to Luzern train station. Is this correct?


Best regards,


Traveller (platinum)

Hello @FaRMerZ

If you're using the usual luggage service you can send your luggage directly from Zurich Airport to Luzern (or Lauterbrunnen). You don't need to take your luggage to Zurich Main station.

If you want to use Express luggage service, then you need to bring your luggage to Zurich Main Station.


Have a nice day.
Greetings, ValerieS



Dear ValerieS,


Thank you very much for your answers. Now I can plan my trip more efficiently with the information you provided.


One more follow-up question, can you please tell me the location for luggage service at Zurich Airport (ie. Which terminal, which floor, which section of the floor)?


Thank you again.



I have some question about this too. If I want to send luugage from ZRH to other station. What should I have to do? Where do I have to contact? Is it possible to get luugage within next day after sending?