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IC/ IR Zurich-Basel are reservations necessary?

New Member

Hi everyone,

My travel partner and I are currently making reservations for my interrail trip.

We want to go from Innsbruck to Strasbourg with transfers in Zurich and Basel on 25 July. However, it is not possible to book reservations for Zurich-Basel, either the reservation is not possible or we get a message at the end that the train is temporarily blocked. Is it possible to still go on these trains without reservations? So the IC and IR trains.



New Member

What if I really want to make a reservation on the train but it says "reservation not possible" (even though it has an R indicating reservations can be made).  Is there a number to call to add a seat reservation?  I already purchased my tickets.

Traveller (gold)

Hi @ivankabak 

In Switzerland you don't have to make a reservation on IC or IR trains. So you can use this trains with your interrail-ticket also without a reservation. Like you see in the post of @StéphanieB some IC trains can be reserved, but also on these trains a reservation is not compulsory.

Have a nice trip


Hello @ivankabak 

Seats can be reserved at this link: SBB: Ticket Shop

The online-shop indicates which connections are available for reservation.

Single seats can be reserved on most Intercity (IC) and ICN trains.

Here you will find detailed information regarding seat reservations in Switzerland: Help with seat reservations for Switzerland and Europe | SBB help & contact

Sunny greetings, StéphanieB

Traveller (platinum)

Seat reservations are rather rare in everyday life in Switzerland and usually there are enough seats. 

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