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I'd like to inquire about the Luggage service.

New Author

I'm preparing for a trip to Switzerland.
I saw the luggage service page on the SBB site.
It's very useful, so I'll use it when I arrive in Switzerland.
However, I am writing a question because there is a part of the site that does not contain the contents.

First, I want to send from Zürich Flughafen station to Grindelwald station.(Luggage station to station service)

1. I want to pick up my Luggage the next day. 

Among the recent luggage service users, Zürich Flughafen station was told that it would be the next day. Is it really possible? 
Or do you arrive the day after tomorrow, as it says on the site

2. Is the luggage service available even if I show you the Super Saver ticket?

I was told that SwissPass GA/Half-Fare Travelcard must have been to use the luggage service.
I'm going to use a Super Saver ticket. Can I show you this ticket?
Or is it okay to present an unopened Flaxi Swiss pass? (Because I will not use Swiss Pass on that day and I will use Super Saver Ticket.)

Please answer.
I hope you have a good day.


Hi @jaeramheo 

Thank you for your request.

I already answered your question on July 23rd: 🙂 

Best regards from Switzerland

New Author

The answer to the question is different from the one I asked, so I'd like to ask you again.

In response to the previous question, you posted a link to the pages associated with the Locations luggage door-to-door express, and all I want is station-to-station (express).
As you said, I heard that it is not possible to receive the next day's luggage service at another station. However, I recently heard that it is possible to receive it from Zurich Airport Station to another station the next day, so I want to confirm that it is really impossible.

And you can show me the flex Swiss pass, but I want to know if you can pass the flex Swiss pass, not the date of use.
If not, I would like to ask if you can use the service even if you show me the Super Save ticket.

Please understand that the key to the question seems different because of the different languages.
Please check again. Thank you.

Traveller (platinum)

Hello @jaeramheo 

You can find all the information about the service "Luggage station to station" under:

Under this link, you will also find all the other baggage services offered:

I confirm that all conditions on the baggage services are correct.

For additional information, please contact the Contact Center directly by phone at +41 (0)848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min) or by e-mail:

I wish you a nice evening.

Best regards,