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I am worried because the transfer time is too short.

New Member


I bought a ticket but the transfer time is only 7 minutes. I am worried about the problem.

My schedule is : 

Zermatt -> Brig Bahnhofplatz   13:13  Platform(5) ~ 14:37 Platform(14)

Brig -> Milano Centrale      14:44 Platform(6) ~ 16:37


I am afraid that I will not make the train. I wonder if it is possible in time. And I want to know how to get from Brig Bahnhofplat 14 platform to Brig 6 platform. How long do you think it will take to walk?



Re: I am worried because the transfer time is too short.


Hallo @정재민,

Track 14 is right in front of the station entrance. It can take you three to four minutes to walk. I advise you to be the first to get off the train and go straight to track 6.

Have a nice journey