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Guys I need your advice, trouble with the SBB😩

New Author

I was traveling from Baar to Thalwil, the ticket machine kept returning the money I’ve tried few times, an old man spoke to me in German (get in the train ask the control for a ticket) which I did, I asked for the Control officer help BEFORE the train start moving he called his colleague and the lady asked me to wait she made two phone calls, she said : β€œsorry I can’t give you a ticket and we have checked the machine it appears to be working. You should have called the customer service number or went to the SBB office β€œ I said it’s 4:30 pm Saturday the office is closed. I have no clue about the customer service number I’ve been living here for 5 months ! The important part is I asked for your help before the train moved I came to you, I didn’t try to ride the train for free bla bla bla ....... She gave me 100 CHF fine and customer service number to call on Monday morning. What can I do here I believe I am not at fault.


Hello @Rebeka1 

The described situation I cannot judge, since I was not on site. Please contact our SBB customer service, they can clarify this exactly: or 0800 401 401.

I wish you a nice day.

Greetings Laura